How do University students experience their diet and the path to establishing their own eating habbits and patterns.

What experiences are recurring in the interviewees, and which are unique to the individuals.
At university the students acknowledge the importance of their diet under themes such as
– Cultural
– Social
– Financial
– Health


Eating brings people together

Food opens people up. there is nothing ore social than sitting together enjoying a meal. my topic therefore allowed my to speak to people on a more personal and intimate level especially when we shared a meal together and i thought this was important to point out. this style of interviewing really shaped my documentary and gave it the intimate feel i was trying to achieve… i hope 😉

Healthy food and education on healthy food available on the university of kent campus

There are various stalls which regularly bring their products onto campus. one of these i encountered was an italian food stall from the good shed. they sell many italian style produce from The goods shed bakery. These people who bring their stalls to campus are very interested in educating the students on how to eat healthy. if you spend a little more on good food it will last you longer and you will save money in the long run as well as improving your health. This woman from the bakery stall said that she has many students who are very interested in learning more about how to make the foods which she sells and that many attend the good shed bakery in order to watch and learn how to make the goods. I see this as very beneficial to students diets.
i myself love the olive guy and buy from him nearly every time he is on campus.


Sam Stern; The Teenage student Chef.

Sam Stern is a guy around our age who writes cookbooks catering for young people specifically students who are finding their feet in the kitchen. his portion sizes and ingredients cater for student budgets which makes his recipes ideal and cheap cheaper.

His recipes start by explaining the basics such as; how to boil an egg, or how to make pasta, to complicated student favorites such as curry and cheeky cocktails.

Humorously his books also include hangover recipes, and how to woo the ladies ;-).

Check out his website for cheap bites, such as his “Skint potato and onion soup”, super cheap but looks amazing.

His website is at :http://www.samstern.co.uk/

Student stereotypes. true or false?

This is one of my favorite student stereotypes. Exaggerated, yet still recognizable, perfect.

I would give this one a 99% accuracy rating, in relation to my own student self. Fantastic.

I realize they are boys, however both of my housemates are boys so i hope that clears it up, incase anyone was wondering.

And it looks like “The Student Diet” stereotypes stretch across the pond, its totally rad to eat noodles over there too, fantastic.


I became inspired by the vast variety of fast food and take away venues available to the University Students of Canterbury, as well as the importance this food held for students. It appears to form part of the student identity.

This lead me to the two main questions, does fast food really form part of the student identity, and do students actually associate themselves with this identity in our society? Secondly, why?
it is not that cheap, it does not provide any of the nutrients that students need in order to fuel their brains, and most students do have kitchens therefore it is not the lack of facilities to cook a healthy nutritious meal.


The five geeks website consists of links to all main takeaway restaurants in Canterbury, constructed by students for students.

Student diets?

The big question behind my documentary is … is there such a thing as a student diet? and if so, what is it, and what are the influences which make it so.

in order to answer all of these questions i will be setting out with a camera and a notepad amongst university students who are living in a shared accomodation amongst other students.

Ideally i would like to pose these questions to students of all stages of study, from pre first year to post graduation students. however in my opinion it is the first years who are most suceptib